Certificate in Human Resource Management

Certificate in Human Resources Management


Are you looking to upscale as an HR Manager? Enroll in our Human Resources Management (HRM) Certificate to succeed in today’s evolving job market by enhancing your qualifications and becoming more strategic in your work. Our HRM Certificate is tailored to be a valuable investment towards your professional aspirations and can be applied to any type of organization.

Through 30 hours of training, you will learn about recruitment and selection, employee training and development, performance management, strategic HR Management, labor relations, and more. How can you recruit the ideal candidate for your organization to achieve the desired results? What are the key aspects of pay policies? How can you ensure workplace health and safety? In this HRM Course, you will learn the answers to these important questions and more.

Learning Hours

This class consist of guided learning hours of 30. Face to face class having lesson details of HR management along with course topic discussion.


What are you learning is also a KeyPoint of this course. Teacher will take and internal test to have an idea what you have learn with this course.


Testing your knowledge gained during a training session is a proof that you are being upskilled. An internal assignment will be given to students.


Certificate will be awarded from Britain International Academy after complete training session.

Course Modules

1.    Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Overview of HR functions and responsibilities
  • Historical perspective and evolution of HR
2.    Organizational Behaviour
  • Understanding human behaviour in the workplace
  • Motivation, leadership, and team dynamics
3.    Recruitment and Selection
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Selection methods, including interviewing and assessment
4.    Compensation and Benefits
  • Salary structures
  • Employee benefits, including health, retirement, and incentives
5.    Employee Training and Development
  • Needs analysis
  • Training program design and evaluation
6.    Performance Management
  • Setting performance standards and goals
  • Performance appraisal methods
7.    Employee Relations and Labor Relations
  • Managing workplace conflicts
  • Understanding labour laws and regulations
8.    Strategic HR Management
  • Aligning HR with organizational goals
  • HR as a strategic partner
9.    Legal and Ethical Issues in HR
  • Employment laws and regulations
  • Ethical dilemmas in HR decision-making
10. HR Metrics and Analytics
  • Using data to make informed HR decisions
  • HR analytics tools and techniques
11. International HR Management
  • Managing HR in a global context
  • Cross-cultural issues in HR
12. Workplace Health and Safety
  • Occupational health and safety regulations
  • Creating a safe work environment

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