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Associate level course
Build contemporary skills and start moving with the fast speed digital technology with CCNA certified training
The Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) certification helps you devise your own ways in CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, and CCNA Wireless by boosting your knowledge, enhancing your skill-set, providing you with tools and techniques, and offering you the resources. It helps you develop the most appropriate networking skills. This is the most fast growing IT certification around the world as it caters to all the needs necessary to match your pace with the rapid advancements in technology. Having a CCNA certification proves that you can build on core networking skills.

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Course Features

  •   Total Hours: 30
  •   Classes Per Week: 2
  •   Duration Per Class: 2 hours
  •   Language: English
  •   Assessments: Yes


  • Exam Title: Network Associate
  • No of Questions: 55-65
  • Duration: 2 Hrs
  • Availability: Currently Available
  • Test Format: Single/Multiple Choice


Course Content Covered in CCNA Course Outline
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The certification helps you understand your potential in the following areas:

CCNA Security:

To guarantee the accessibility, coherence and privacy of data and networking systems, CCNA Security incorporates monitoring and troubleshooting network devices.
Job opportunities: A qualified CCNA Security specialist can work as a network security specialist, network support engineer or as a security administrator.

CCNA Voice:

The top-most approach to achieve efficacy in VoIP is through the CCNA Voice course that offers both beginners and professionals with ultimate command over call control, handset, IP PBX , IP telephony and voicemail solutions.4
Job opportunities:
A seasoned CCNA Voice trainee can work in the roles of voice administrator, voice engineer and voice manager.

CCNA Wireless:

by taking command over CCNA Wireless, the individuals are capable take full advantage of using Cisco equipment in configuration, execution and supporting of wireless LANs.

Job opportunities:

A CCNA Wireless expert is qualified to work as a WLAN project manager and also as a wireless support specialist.
The need of the hour! The core aim of CCNA Training is to intensify your comprehension of building network, routing and switching with supreme command over IP addressing systems and WAN technologies. A thorough understanding of developing networking schemes and applications is directed through this training. It promises your guaranteed future in IT by providing comprehensive knowledge of installation, troubleshooting and configurations of Cisco Routers and switches.
Britain International Academy offers a platform to develop the fundamental understanding of these domains of troubleshooting and configuration of CAM, Ether Channels, STP, and VLANs with basic training of layer 2 and layer 3 securities.
Why CCNA certification?
To train individuals in this sector of information technology, the certification criteria is usually considered as a benchmark to check the credibility and reliability of the trainee. Where the learning and training of information technology is given to individuals in all the reputed institutes globally, Britain International Academy specializes in this regard too as it realizes the great interest of media conglomerates and businesses around the world that are relying in this technology. Moreover, the growing integration of complex technologies is leading towards the shortage of IT specialists. It is indeed the most crucial time for IT industry to recruit more and more IT experts, which makes this field the most appropriate for you career and with the help of CCNA Certification, your spot in the IT industry is guaranteed.

About CCNA

To guarantee your career in the areas of data center, security service provider and wireless, CCNA certification is definitely the gateway to networking of systems. Its the most important certification to advance your career in CCNP.


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