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Get your competencies in the domains of data bases and devices, cloud services, frameworks, programming languages and operating systems sharpened by Microsoft Azure course. Ensure your commitment with users in native mobile apps, responsive web apps, or via contemporary experiences like bots and mixed reality. Moreover, you will be able to employ Azure Stack for edge and disconnected situations, like a distant ship at sea where the network might not be reliable and reachable, or a factory floor where you might not need high latency to the embedded automation systems needed for production

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  •   Lectures: 6
  •   Duration: 12 hours
  •   Language: English
  •   Assessments: Yes

Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals | AZ-900

Microsoft Azure Administrator | AZ-104


  • It is a role-based Microsoft certification
  • Work with virtual machines and learn how they are architected and deployed in Azure.
  • Understand virtual networking, IP addressing, and security work in the cloud, and compare this with on-premises setups.
  • Utilize features including storage accounts, blob storage, Azure Files and File Sync, storage security, and storage tools.
  • It will provide knowledge about Microsoft azure cloud platform and other cloud aspects.


Digital stage

  • Module 1 – Introduction to course
  • Module 2 – Overview of Azure services
  • Module 3 – Implementing Azure Network Security
  • Module 4 – Getting Started with Azure Virtual Machines
  • Module 5 – Getting Started with Azure Virtual Networks
  • Module 6 – Introduction to Azure Storage Part 1
  • Module 7 – Introduction to Azure Storage Part 2
  • Module 8 – Implementing Azure Backup

Introductions to Azure

  • Manage resource groups

Virtual network, virtual machines, network security groups:

  • Create a virtual network
  • Create a network security group
  • Create application security groups

Virtual network peering

  • Add a new VNET

Add a data disk, set a storage account file share on a virtual machine

  • Add a new data disk to virtual machine
  • Create a storage account
  • Remote connect to the virtual machine
  • Switch back to a storage account
  • Switch back to a virtual machine

Storage, extensions, and copy/create a virtual machine

  • Create a storage account
  • Add extensions to existing virtual machines
  • Shutdown virtual machine
  • Selecting disks
  • Start both virtual machine

Backup and restore

  • Create Azure Recovery Service Vault
  • Connect to a virtual machine (RDP)
  • Install IIS with PowerShell
  • Back up a virtual machine

Apply at Work

  • Create a report providing detail of one or more activities that you will undertake that incorporates one or more of the key concepts of Azure VMs, Azure networking, and Azure storage.
  • Describe how effective utilization of the key concepts you have identified above will contribute to the successful completion of the planned activity.
  • Describe how the above activity (or activities) aligns to the commonly recognized benefits of the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) deployment model

Microsoft Azure Server Courses In Kuwait is an expanding collection of integrated cloud services analytics, computing, database and devices, networking, storage and web with the aim to have fast pace operations with maximum achievement and better monetarily advantages.
To make sure that any developer of IT professional with startling skills can utilize it with ultimate efficiency, the Microsoft Azure has included integrated tools, templates and services to effectively develop and manage Internet of Things (IoT) apps, enterprise, mobile, and Web.
Microsoft Azure allows you to:

  • Deploy a platform that includes a diverse selection of databases and devices, frameworks, operating systems, programming languages and tools.
  • Enhance your existing IT efficiency through the provision of an extraordinary network of hybrid database, protected private networking and storage solutions.
  • Secure your data with the pioneer cloud provider to keep pace with the new international cloud privacy, ISO 27018.
  • Improve the running of your apps across the globe with a wide network of Microsoft-managed datacenters .

Microsoft Azure courses is significantly beneficial for auditors, security officers, security professionals, site administrators, and for those who are concerned for the integrity of their network infrastructure.


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