Certificate in Culinary Art

Courses No. Lectures Duration Practical’s Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
  101 36 12 Weeks Kitchen Lectures, In-Class Exercises, Presentations and Practicals


The certification in culinary art at Britain International Academy incorporates theoretical and practical aspects of preparation of food by incorporating courses identified managerial or administrative tasks of food management. Aspirants in these projects figure out how to make huge amounts of meals and oversee enormous occasions, notwithstanding finding out about sanitation. As groundwork for working in a business kitchen, aspirants find out about:

  • Basics of cooking/baking
  • Dining service
  • International foods
  • Nutrition
  • Sanitation

Culinary Arts are the specialty of preparing, cooking, and introduction of food, for the most part as meals. Aspirants who decide to contemplate culinary art get an opportunity to find out about contemporary and exemplary culinary systems and cooking strategies. This course presents the fundamental standards of sanitation and wellbeing identified with the hospitality business. It incorporates individual cleanliness, sanitation and wellbeing guidelines.

Incredible food lays on the authority of apparently basic arrangements and systems that decide the nature overall meal. The certification in culinary arts is one of its sorts in the hospitality industry where you won’t simply be prepared in food art however will likewise be given supervisory preparing. Acquiring this amazing certification, you will have an upper hand for chasing business openings in the culinary industry. You will discover energizing profession openings in a wide range of culinary related fields and increase certifiable culinary involvement by working upwards to Executive positions

The learning style related with culinary expressions includes a blend of hypothetical study hall guidance and practical work. This program instructs students to cook, setting them up to work in a scope of eateries. This may assist the person with advancing in their vocation way. Students in this program will find out about sanitation and how to make plans just as how to make their own. Accentuation is set on specialized and relational aptitudes, study abilities, morals, demonstrable skill and managements as they identify within this hospitality field.

Module No. Lesson No. Main Topics to be Covered Duration/hours
101 101.1 Safety at work and Food safety 2
  101.2 Kitchen Maintenance and Design 2
  101.3 Budgeting, Costing and Control 2
  101.4 Nutrition and Dietetics 2
  101.5 Menu Planning 2
  101.6 Preparation, Cooking and Service – Meat and Poultry Dishes 3
  101.7 Preparation, Cooking and Service – Fish and Shellfish Dishes 3
  101.8 Preparation, Cooking and Service – Stocks, Sauces and Soups 3
  101.9 Preparation, Cooking and Service – Pulses and Vegetable Dishes 3
  101.10 Preparation, Cooking and Service – Pastry Dishes 3
  101.11 Preparation, Cooking and Service – Farinaceous Pasta and Rice Dishes 3
  101.12 Preparation, Cooking and Service – Cold Preparation Dishes 3
  101.13 Preparation, Cooking and Service – Egg Dishes and Savouries 3
  101.14 Theory and Practical Assessment 12
    Total Qualification Time 72