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Ace your career in Information Systems by exhibiting distinguished skills in critical evaluation of issues and by presenting most appropriate practices to manage the information systems. 

In a world subject to IT, its estimation security aptitude is self-evident. CISA is the best audit proficient certification supported by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). The CISA certification is best depicted as a comprehensive data frameworks audit capability. CISA is perceived around the world, by all businesses, as the favored assignment for IS audit, control and security. Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA) training course consists of only one course, which teaches aspirants the worthy domains of Information Systems Auditing, Control, and Security. CISA is the best audit proficient certification supported by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). The CISA certification is best depicted as a comprehensive data frameworks audit capability. CISA is perceived around the world, by all businesses, as the favored assignment for IS audit, control and security.The relative significance of this confirmation originates from the way that developing number of organizations are coming to comprehend the significance of this certified training. This looked for after certified training course covers the Five Domains of Information Security Auditing, in this way enabling experts to enhance their abilities in Information Technology and Security. The individuals who are CISA ensured have shown their IT aptitudes and their capacity to handle evaluating assignments. It expands upon the past experience of IS experts.

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Britain International Academy in Kuwait focuses on these aspects:


This concentrated instructional training is conveyed by excellent, experienced CISA coaches. Britain International Academy in Kuwait provides educators who convey by connecting with sessions, enabling contender to interface and talk about the issues. Our coaches are accessible to help students with any issues they may have earlier, amid, and after the course. The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) training course designates in the Five Domains of Information Security Auditing. Inside each of these areas there are various points, which when consolidated; give a far reaching review of the space of core interest. This course is viewed as escalated and aspirants must go through a difficult examination to acquire this certification. The CISA teachers convey drawing in sessions, enabling possibility to cooperate and examine content. Moreover, our mentors are accessible to help learners with any issues they may have earlier, amid, and after the course.

The CURRICULUM focuses on these aspects: 
Administration and Management of IT 
1. Clarify IT administration, security administration, and control systems
2. Characterize the prescribed procedures for administration of big business IT
3. Characterize IT administration center zones and hierarchical structure
4. Clarify improvement and support of IT procedure and security
5. Comprehend data security parts and duties
6. Show IT system, strategies, measures and techniques
Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation 
1. Comprehend and give confirmation that the practices to the securing, advancement, testing, and execution of data frameworks meet the venture’s systems and goals
2. Comprehend Post-usage
3. Clarify venture administration control systems, detail setup, and discharge administration
4. Comprehend framework relocation and foundation arrangement hones
5. Rundown venture achievement criteria and dangers Data Systems Operations, Maintenance, and Support
1. Clarify issue and episode administration hones
2. Clarify Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Disaster Recovery
3. Comprehend benefit level administration rehearses 4. Detail Software Licensing and Inventory Practices 5. Detail scope organization and checking 6. Rundown procedures for Monitoring Third Party Compliance Protection of Information Assets 1. Clarify the dangers related with the utilization of versatile and remote gadgets 2. Comprehend encryption procedures 3. Clarify how private data can be put away, recovered, transported and arranged 4. Detail the plan, usage, and observing of security controls 5. Detail organize location instruments and methods The Process of Auditing Information Systems 1. Clarify ISACA IS review and Assurance Standards and Guidelines 2. Clarify chance investigation, Internal Controls, control Assessment 3. Clarify how an IS review ought to be performed lastly elucidate the IS review process 4. Rundown the information explanations identified with this space 5. See how an IS review capacity ought to be overseen EXAMINATION
The Britain International Academy proudly represents itself as the only institute that provides both the training and examination of this international CISA certification. It is known to be the international trainer in all the contemporary domains of modern era. The examination of CISA by ISACA is now carried out only under the roof of Britain International Academy in Kuwait. Offering the best testing centers in Kuwait, Britain International Academy makes sure to provide all the facilities that are needed for in-house examination of CISA. CISA Examination:

  • The CISA exam is reserved independently through ISACA here .
  • It is done three times each year amid the long stretches of June, September and December.
  • The exam comprises of 200 various decision inquiries inside a 4-hour time confine.
  • Exam scores are scaled to 800
  • The pass stamp is 450/800

WHAT’S ISACA? CISA is given by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association). This is a worldwide, free, not-revenue driven affiliation, which expects to manage people and organizations to guarantee they embrace best practice when utilizing Information Systems

The CISA certification in Kuwait comprehensively perceived as the characteristic of perfection for the IS audit proficient, affirms your experience, evaluates your skills, markets your expertise, exhibits that you have picked up and kept up the level of learning required to address the dynamic difficulties of a cutting edge endeavor, expands your incentive to your association and gives you an upper hand over associates when looking for work development. This is likewise most detectable in vast IT offices where pioneers perceive the value of having a CISA to help arrange with different IT auditors.

Since IT evaluating is a dynamic and regularly developing field, remaining side by side of updates and changes in innovation makes the activity considerably more intriguing. IT auditors need to always show signs of change and enhance their insight base and abilities to comprehend the most recent upgrades in innovation. Acquiring the CISA certification truly isolates basic IT work force and business directors from whatever remains of their associates. CISA experts are likewise very prized for project management to help with execution of IT control arrangements.

Eligibility Criteria

The CISA certification perceives excellent learning and aptitude with respect to Information Systems Auditing, Control, and Security. This course requires no less than five years of introduction in the field thus expands after existing ability keeping in mind the end goal to deliver an expert who can show understanding, responsibility, and broad information of IS Auditing. CISA training happens over a length of four days and is revolved around instructing the Five Domains of IS Auditing. This data, if contemplated carefully and effectively, will enable contender to pass their CISA exam.

THE FIVE DOMAINS CISA envelops Five Domains of Information Systems Auditing, which depict the best practice procedures for IS review control, confirmation, and security. This guarantees organizations take after an a la mode rehearse, which is demonstrated to improve usefulness and expand the capability of the business. To wind up a CISA, one must have notwithstanding passing the CISA exam a strong learning and experience of:
1.INFORMATION SYSTEMS AUDIT PROCESS: That guarantee IS audits are directed as per principles, rules and best practices
2. CORPORATE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ADMINISTRATION: That exhibits information of association’s ability to represent IT speculations.
3. SYSTEMS AND FOUNDATION LIFECYCLE: That meets association’s business goals.
4. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY BENEFIT CONVEYANCE: That meets association’s business targets
5. PROTECTION OF DATA RESOURCES That guarantees privacy, honesty and accessibility of business data frameworks and business congruity and fiasco recuperation of IT administrations.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES The learning objectives are:

  • Enhance your understanding of IS audit processes and also help you understand how to protect information systems.
  • Describe CISA, exhibit your comprehension of ISACA association, talk about the historical backdrop of CISA and the current CISA syllabus and additionally portray the estimation of CISA .
  • Understand the structure of CISA exams.


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