Level 3 Diploma in Cybersecurity


The knowledge of cybersecurity is important with the rise of hackers; it is to be protected and be able to take preventive ways against any cyber-attack. This qualification is for those seeking, or have chosen a career in the business related sector but require basic knowledge and competences in cyber security- includes sub-disciplines of compliances, digital media risk management, security risk management and so on. Study qualify level 3 diploma in cybersecurity and management and operations at Britain International Academy.


Students studying for Qualifi level 3 diploma in Cybersecurity will develop the following skills during the program:

  • Being highly vigilant and detail oriented and to be able to come up with solutions for any vulnerabilities and/or risks.
  • To be able to recognize the moral and ethical issues of business practice and research, and appreciating the need for ethical and professional codes of conduct.
  • An appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of business and service provision
  • Capacity to give a clear and accurate account of a subject in a professional way and be able to engage in debates.
  • Develop transferable skills and knowledge which will enable individuals to meet the existing and emerging technologies and environment.
  • To motivate individuals to progress to further professional development through future study or career.
Delivery method

At Britain International Academy; we provide flexible methods to our learners which include- blended learning, online learning, and in-class teaching methods to which students can chose whichever method is convenient.


This program is available in two modes: 6 months or 9 months.


This program is accredited by Qualifi and Ofqual regulated awarding body.

Entry Requirements
  • Learners who possess qualifications at Level 2 or
  • Work experience
Module Structure

Learners are required to complete the six mandatory units to achieve the 60 credits required to gain the Level 3 Diploma in Cyber Security Management and Operations.

Unit Reference Mandatory Units Level Credit TQT GLH
CSM01 Threat and Risk: Expecting the Unexpected 3 10 100 60
CSM02 Network Architecture: Communications andProtocols 3 10 100 60
CSM03 Mobile Device and Data Risks 3 10 100 60
CSM04 Investigations and Incident Response 3 10 100 60
CSM05 Solutions: Future-Proofing your Business 3 10 100 60

On completion of the Level 3 diploma in Cyber Security Management and Operations one can move forward to:

  • QUALIFI Level 4 diploma in Cyber Security Management and Operations
  • Employment

This course will have no exams but assessments will be based on assignments submitted.

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