Certificate in Digital Marketing


Duration Timing
40 Hours 6:00 to 8:00


  • Email Id for the candidate in our business domain to share the training materials through google docs
  • Setting up a WordPress website for each candidate-in a subdomain
    Example: john.digitalmaraketersworld.com
    (All the above prerequisites will be honored by BIA)


  • The training will consist of both theory and live demonstrations & practice sessions
  • The instructor will issue detailed practice assignments based on the topics covered in the class. It is very important the candidate finish these assignments in a timely fashion to ensure sufficient practice.


Upon completion of training, the candidate can take the following certifications. The candidate will also be guided by the instructor on how to prepare and perform on the certification assessment.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads (Search Display and many more)
  • HTML Certification (Solo Learn)
  • Hubspot Certification in Inbound Marketing & Social Media Marketing
  • Training certificates will be honored after completion of training
Modules Time/Duration(Hours)
Fundamental of Digital Marketing 2
Fundamentals of website (set up & Page Creation, HTML Certification) 2
Social Media Marketing – Facebook 4
Social Media Marketing – Pinterest 2
Social Media Marketing – Instagram 2
Social Media Marketing – LinkedIn & Twitter 2
YouTube Marketing 3
Google Analytics 3
Email Marketing with emphasis on Lead generation and Acquisition forms 4
Google AdWords (Google PPC Ads) 4
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
(Google Search Console, Keyword Planner etc.)
Content Marketing & Best Practices in DM 4