Tourism & Hospitality


9 Months

The diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management offered at Britain International Academy is to empower students for administrative situations in the dynamic and progressively worldwide cordiality and the travel industry, just as for the improvement of HR in this field. This program is a New Life Project, with the aim to take your career to contemporary occupations which are accepted globally.

Graduates can enter proficient situations in the:

  • Travel industry/tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Event management

Field work experience grants aspirants to draw the connections between scholastic knowledge instructed in the study hall and practice saw in the field, in this manner improving their training and abilities. This diploma being offered at Britain International academy opens gateways for France and Singapore. This diploma offers an opportunity to exhibit your innovative work experience in different countries around the globe with paid internships or jobs.

Why you should choose Hotel and Tourism Management?

  • Application of specialized knowledge and practical aptitudes in the hotel and tourism management
  • Exhibiting the capacity to apply the standards and procedures for giving client and individual administrations, including client needs appraisal, satisfying quality guidelines for administrations, and assessment of consumer loyalty.
  • Planning and screening the revenue action of a service, hotel, organization or office
  • Partaking in budgetary exercises, for example, the setting of room rates, the foundation of spending plans, and the assignment of assets to offices.
  • Recognition of a long-extend vision and procedure for an your chosen organization
  • With the Hotel and Tourism certificate, aspirants gain the aptitudes to assist their professions and to have an important effect on the world while accomplishing something they love.

Students will get the right stuff expected to lead a monetarily solid business, create solid administration abilities and create sound business procedures. The current aim of the industry is to ensure maximum satisfaction for travelers in the form of hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants, cruise lines, contract catering, retail outlets, fast food restaurants, suites and residences. What’s more, students find out about the travel industry’s effect on assets and networks, and create procedures that will guarantee an increasingly maintainable future for the business.

Hands on work experience allow our diploma holders to draw the connections among theory and practice, improving their instruction and abilities. This mix of theory and practice method shapes the establishment of our educational plan structure and instructional conveyance.

Teaching Strategies

We at Britain International Academy believe in contemporary class room systems which dissimilar to traditional class rooms have low lecturer-student ratio to ensure maximum retention of theory and practice and to give each student the ultimate attention in order to draw better and productive results. We aim to give quality time to students with a proper channel of feedback system to assure the acquisition and exhibition of knowledge they’ve learnt in the class room to give them mastery over every concept, idea and practice. This develops professional competencies, attitudes and wisdom amongst the students. We have well-equipped kitchens, training restaurants, a mock-up front office and a housekeeping suite.

The integrated learning mix “learning by doing” method, an experience-based approach, with a career-focused curriculum is adopted to enable our students to gain real-world experience. This promotes critical thinking with an aim to manage professionally and communicate effectively.

Our students benefit from the most comprehensive and advanced state-of-the-art learning resources and support facilities. There are well-equipped kitchens, training restaurants, a mock-up front office and a housekeeping suite.


  • A unique approach in teaching and learning Hotel & Tourism Management.
  • Prepares highly adaptable students for the fast-changing trends in the Hotel &Tourism Industry.
  • Provides high-quality teaching and learning
  • Teaching equipment with state-of-the-art technology
  • Highly experienced faculty with proven industrial, professional and academic track records
  • Theoretical and practical environment.
  • Small classes for a better learning environment

Program Structure

No. Core Modules TQT
1 International Cookery 15 Credits
2 Food & Beverage 15 Credits
3 Front Office Management 15 Credits
4 Housekeeping Operations 15 Credits
5 Travel & Tourism 12 Credits
No. Add on Modules TQT
1 English Language 15 Credits
2 Information Technology 13 Credits
3 French Language 10 Credits
4 Arabic Language 10 Credits

Entry Requirements

Below are the entry requirements for Diploma in Hotel Management:
O/Level, SSC, A/Level, HSSC, Level 3 or equivalent academic record.