Certificate in Food and Beverage

CoursesVenueNo.LecturesDurationPractical’sLearning Activities and Teaching Methods
  102248 WeeksKitchenLectures, In-Class Exercises, Presentations and Practicals


The course equips students with hands-on knowledge in all operational aspects of the Food and Beverage sector within the hospitality industry. This is to provide students with a strong in-depth foundation of the industry sector required to manage a restaurant or food and beverage department.
In this certificate program, you will learn key concepts, strategies, and practical skills necessary for managing, owning, and operating a successful restaurant, bar, or other food and beverage business.
Develop confidence in your ability to manage your business’s finances and learn key operational functions like menu design, income statement analysis, pricing, margin analysis, supply chain management, guest service processes, and employee engagement and performance.
The courses in this certificate will equip you to…

  • Evaluate and design menus that will improve your customer satisfaction and profitability
  • Optimize your selection, procurement, receiving, storage, and inventory management processes
  • Define, measure, and improve the guest experience
  • Analyze your income statement to make informed decisions and optimize your operational processes
  • Reduce costs and improve quality, productivity, guest satisfaction, and profitability
Module No.Lesson No.Main Topics to be CoveredDuration/hours
102102.1Prepare Meringue based Products and Desserts2
 102.2Prepare Gelatin Set Desserts2
 102.3Prepare Egg Set Desserts2
 102.4Prepare and Bake Chemically Aerated Products2
 102.5Prepare and Bake Fermented Products2
 102.6Prepare and use Creams, Fillings and Glazes2
 102.7Prepare Hot and old Sauces2
 102.8Introducing Food and Beverage Management2
 102.9Organization of Food and Beverage Operations2
 102.10Fundamentals of Management4
 102.11Food and Beverage Marketing2
 102.12The Meal Experience2
 102.13Managing Quality in F&B Operations2
 102.14Food Menu and Bevearge Lists2
 102.15Food and Beverage Production/Cost Controls2
 102.16Food and Beverage Production Methods2
 102.17Food and Beverage Service Methods2
  Total Qualification Time48