Certificate in Food and Beverage

Courses Venue No. Lectures Duration Practical’s Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
    102 24 8 Weeks Kitchen Lectures, In-Class Exercises, Presentations and Practicals


The Certificate in Food and Beverage Service at Britain International Academy gives methods and ways to deal with food administration i.e. significant regions of menu arranging, purchasing getting and so on and is suitable for foodservice experts from inns, eateries or other autonomous cordiality outlets hoping to propel their professions. The course furnishes students with hands-on information in every single operational part of the Food and Beverage system inside the hospitality business. This is to furnish aspirants with a solid top to bottom establishment of the business segment required to deal with food and beverage management and serving.It is additionally perfect for hospitality experts from different specializations trying to change into foodservice positions.

The capability covers a prologue to the:

  • Hospitality business
  • Security at work
  • Client care abilities
  • Menu information
  • Food and beverage systems
  • Serving aptitudes

In this certified training, you will learn key ideas, procedures, and practices fundamental for managing, owning, and working for a food and beverage industry. Create trust in your capacity to deal with your business’ funds and learn key operational capacities like

  • Client administration procedures
  • Employee commitment and execution.
  • Estimating/pricing/budgeting
  • Income examination
  • Menu plan
  • Margin investigation
  • Production-network management

Why you should choose certificate in food & beverage:

The certification will prepare you to:

  • Assess and structure menus that will improve your consumer loyalty and gainfulness
  • Enhance your selection, procurement, receiving, storage, and inventory management processes.
  • Characterize, measure, and improve the visitor experience
  • Dissect your salary explanation to settle on educated choices and upgrade your operational procedures
  • Lessen costs and improve quality, efficiency, visitor fulfillment, and productivity
Module No. Lesson No. Main Topics to be Covered Duration/hours
102 102.1 Prepare Meringue based Products and Desserts 2
  102.2 Prepare Gelatin Set Desserts 2
  102.3 Prepare Egg Set Desserts 2
  102.4 Prepare and Bake Chemically Aerated Products 2
  102.5 Prepare and Bake Fermented Products 2
  102.6 Prepare and use Creams, Fillings and Glazes 2
  102.7 Prepare Hot and old Sauces 2
  102.8 Introducing Food and Beverage Management 2
  102.9 Organization of Food and Beverage Operations 2
  102.10 Fundamentals of Management 4
  102.11 Food and Beverage Marketing 2
  102.12 The Meal Experience 2
  102.13 Managing Quality in F&B Operations 2
  102.14 Food Menu and Bevearge Lists 2
  102.15 Food and Beverage Production/Cost Controls 2
  102.16 Food and Beverage Production Methods 2
  102.17 Food and Beverage Service Methods 2
  102.18 Practical’s 2
    Total Qualification Time 48