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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Certification
The web is an extraordinary device for look into, long range informal communication and even business. On account of the extensive variety of fast developments, there are more open doors than any other time in recent memory for individuals to interface. Alongside the capacity to associate individuals over the world, there are additionally expanded quantities of predators hoping to take an interest in an assortment of digital wrongdoings. Due to a limited extent to the expansion in online wrongdoing, a few new projects have been made to meet the requests of existing and also recently made net-based security powers.There are different classes that one can take to end up a talented, PC specialist, the most respectable starting from the EC-Council: the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator. In live legal examinations, the confirmation gathered is tried, labeled and utilized as a part of the legitimate case for the two gatherings. Thus, IT security examinations are likewise done in a way that enables the gathering of proof to be utilized as a part of lawful cases. The CHFI certification will brace the application learning of law requirement workforce, framework heads, security officers, resistance and military staff, lawful experts, brokers, security experts, and any individual who is worried about the trustworthiness of the system foundation.
EC-Councils CHFI program at Britain International Academy in Kuwait certifies  people in the particular security teach of PC crime scene investigation from a merchant impartial viewpoint.
A Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator will have the capacity to identify hacking endeavors, as well as backtrack through the electronic scene to follow criminal exercises and different malignant conduct. These IT security experts can secure the proof in a configuration that can be appropriately introduced in a courtroom. Very prepared IT experts are likewise ready to protect key frameworks from extra digital assaults.

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  •   Module: 14
  •   Duration: 4 hours
  •   Language: English
  •   Assessments: Yes


  • Exam Title: CHFI
  • Exam Code: CHFI EC0 312-49
  • No of Questions: 150
  • Duration: 4 Hrs
  • Test Delivery: ECC exam portal
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice Questions


CHFI Course Outline

  • Computer Forensics in Today World.
  • Computer Forensics Investigation Process.
  • Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems.
  • Operating System Forensics.
  • Defeating Anti-Forensics Techniques.
  • Data Acquisition and Duplication.
  • Network Forensics.
  • Investigating Web Attacks
  • Database Forensics.
  • Cloud Forensics.
  • Malware Forensics.
  • Investigating Email Crimes.
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Investigative Reports

By achieving this Course, experts can demonstrate their expertise and information in the accompanying fields.

  • Approaches of Acquisition and seizing
  • Access Data FTK mastery
  • Assaults on remote and related issues
  • Composing investigative reports
  • Computerized sorts, examination forms
  • Examination forms in Computer crime scene investigation
  • Electronic wrongdoing and their classifications
  • Electronic wrongdoing scene assessment, securing and leading essential meetings
  • Electronic proof safeguarding and announcing wrongdoing scenes
  • Explore log records and deciding the underlying driver
  • Email wrongdoings, its examination and recuperation of erased sends
  • Lawful issues associated with examinations
  • Seeking proof and computerized imprints
  • Setting up legal lab in PC
  • Information of windows, linux and macintosh boot up
  • Document frameworks and their disparities, booting a bombed hard drive
  • Unpredictable and non-unstable data social events
  • Recuperate erased records and hard nightfall allotments
  • Steganography, Steganalysis and crime scene investigation of picture records
  • Ideas of watchword splitting and exploring secret key assaults

EC-Councils Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) program and what can this program can doSecurity ruptures are certain to happen. When they do, its imperative to decide their causes and control them. CHFI staff keeps up commonality with a scope of security innovations, so they can perform various investigatory activities and lawful capacities. Three of the most vital capacities a guaranteed CHFI gives are:

  • Counteractive action
  • Readiness and Protection
  • Check

IT security authorities are by and large prime contender for this capability, as are their directors. Now and again, framework administrators likewise get preparing with the goal that they respond appropriately when systems fall prey to interruptions.


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