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Dominate the mobile-ready curve with paramount expertise in contemporary mobile technology and develop proficiency to operate and work with diverse, integrated and complex both conventional and latest mobile technologies. It ensures you ultimate understanding of diverse mobile technologies and cloud technologies that will surpass the conventional technologies in the coming years.

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Course Features

  •   Lectures: 5
  •   Days: 5
  •   Duration: 8 hours
  •   Language: English
  •   Assessments: Yes


  • Exam Title: MBO-001
  • No of Questions: 125
  • Duration: 4 Hrs
  • Availability: Currently Availble
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice


We are your ultimate platform
The advantages of CompTIA Mobility+ certification are:

  • It minimizes the gap between what is known and what is yet to be known
    Everything such as electric meters, smart cars, wearable tech are all employing mobile technologies
  • It helps you manage and administer the mobile systems that drive these necessities of life
  • It pays heed to security issues that hinder its networking from threats to encryption of both at motion and at rest data.
  • Become a mobility professional as it has high market demand

CompTIA Mobility+ certified professional training enable you work under complex environments and enhance your abilities to manage complicated advancements i.e. bring-your-own-device (BYOD) create.


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