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Overview of the Masters in Human Resource Management offered by University of Northampton

The Human Resource Degree Programs In Kuwait awarded by the University of Northampton, is an online human resource management degree programme that will give you a broader perspective at the field of Human Resources Management. This human resource management course is designed to enhance strategic thinking and problem solving of a wider range of organisational issues within a business. enroling for this Masters in Human Resource management programme, will open many opportunities in a variety of industries, since the demand for HR professionals holding a Masters in Human Resource Management is continuously growing.

This fast track human resource course is designed to cater the requirements of HR professionals and HR Masters Programs who wish to advance in their career and aim further in order to secure senior roles in this field.  Hence if you are pursuing a career in the field of HRM, this affordable and accredited human resource degree would equip you with the necessary competencies required to excel in this arena.

The MA in HRM directs you to a career in either Human Resource Management or Human Resource Certification Programs . This online human resource management degree would therefore give you the opportunity to develop and specialise your knowledge in HRM to advance in the HRM/HRD based on your organisational context.



Dissertation and Research Methods

This module of the MA in HRM programme, assists students to conduct independent research. It facilitates the learning of research skills taught at postgraduate level (Level 7). You will be able to demonstrate the ability to plan, design and implement an individual piece of conceptual, applied or work-related research. It involves the synthesis of theory and practice, the contextualisation of the chosen topic in the literature and the selection of appropriate research methodologies inclusive of reflection of contrasting research paradigms, methods of data collection and analysis. In addition, it will help you to manage a prolonged course of independent research and related study in an orderly and effective manner.

Learning Outcome

  1. Engage actively and successfully with a programme of training in relation to research, and research approaches and research skills, involving generic and field-specific elements.
  2. Produce an account of the research study that is consistent with the chosen type of research
  3. Formulate an academically rigorous and practically feasible research proposal, setting out the detailed parameters for the proposed independent research project.
  4. Construct and use a research instrument, such as a survey, to collect primary and/or secondary data, and apply appropriate methods of data collection and data analysis.
  5. Communicate the solutions arrived at, and the thinking underlying those solutions

Projects you will be part of

Dissertation & Research Methods

Broaden your specialist knowledge on Human Resource Management through the University of Northampton accredited human resource management degree offered by LSM

To complete this module, you are required to produce an independent piece of research based on a topic of your choice, which relates to the field of Human Resource Management. The proposal should be between 1500 -2500 words and the research report should be 15000 -18000 words

Course Leader

David Holliman

The academic director of LSM, Dr. David Holliman has over two decades of experience in the education industry and works to ensure that quality standards are maintained in the creation, validation and delivery of the various qualifications provided by LS Education Group. He possesses a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Culture, an MSc in research methods and an MA in Business Analysis.