Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Britain International Academy Company wide Policies.

The page is dedicated to the policies that are enforced by the company for all the customers (existing/ potential).

The policies are available for download using the links provided. We have also attached a breief description for you understand what each policy document is for; just in case it is too boring to read!

BIA Appeals and Complaints Policy and Procedure:

The policy outlines the steps that you have to follow if you have any complaints against the services offered at BIA. Should you take an exam at the registered centre and are not happy with the outcome and wish to seek resolution, the procedure written herein should be utilised to seek correct guidance. Click to download BIA Appeals and Complaints Policy and Procedure;

BIA Refund Policy:

The policy highlights the provisions or refund in the event of cancellation or termination of services and the applicable charges. Click to download BIA Refund Policy;

BIA GDPR Privacy Policy:

In order to provide our services we collect your personal information and process it via our management system. This document highlights what data will be collected, processed and stored by us. The data so collected or stored by us is in compliance with GDPR. The provisions of GDPR ensure that the data stored is not used or shared with anyone (some exceptions like Judiciary, Governmental Agencies, Law Enforcement) without your consent. Click to download BIA GDPR Privacy Policy;