One of the contemporary ways to select for universities and colleges or private secondary schools is the capacity to exhibit how a lot of a global understudy’s English capacity enhances normal while learning at the establishment. Through English evaluation testing upon entrance and graduation, the establishment can gauge how a lot of understudies learned—regardless of whether their major was in fields, for example, math or science. So as to focus fair and square and kind of English capability should have been an effective undergrad, the content of iTEP is tailored to mirror the scholarly and beneficial encounters of people who join in or plan to go to college. The appraisal assesses examinees’ capacity to apply their English information and ability to process, gain from, and react fittingly to new data that is introduced in English. iTEP is conveyed over the Internet at secure Certified iTEP Test Centers i.e. Britain International Academy in Kuwait.
The essential capacity of iTEP SLATE is to survey the English language capability level of center and secondary school understudies of English as a subsequent language.
 Admissions choices
 Curriculum advancement and managing course guidance
 Determining qualification for trade programs
 English-language instructor assessments
 Placement of understudies inside language programs
 Progress checking from passage to exit
There are two forms of iTEP Academic:
 iTEP Academic-Core:
surveys Grammar, Listening, and Reading and is 50 minutesin length, with an extra 10 minutes for pre-test readiness. Results are accessible right away.
 iTEP Academic-Plus:
 surveys Grammar, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and is 80 minutes long, with an extra 10 minutes for pre-test planning. Results are accessible inside 5 days.
iTEP was planned and created to give English language capability scores that are legitimate for some kinds of instructive dynamic. At the point when language capability is estimated precisely, dependably, and thoroughly, instructors or chairmen can utilize examinees’ scores on the evaluation to make increasingly thorough, proof based choices. , iTEP International is focused on effectively captivating with the universal instruction network through participations and affiliations with:
 EnglishUSA
The International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) was acquainted in 2008 with modernize English language appraisal with on-request booking, 24 hour evaluating, and exact test information. iTEP gives an advantageous and practical testing choice conveyed in a profoundly secure condition.
Affirmed iTEP Test Centers i.e. Britain International Academy in Kuwait appreciates the accompanying advantages:
 Be recorded on iTEP’s site and other special materials, which are circulated universally.
 Introduction to progressively imminent global understudies who wish to apply to U.S. secondary schools, universities or colleges.
 Gain a benefit controlling iTEP tests.
 Increase the value of your current client base by offering iTEP as a lower cost option in contrast to different tests utilized for school and secondary school confirmations.
 Join several different revolves far and wide that oversee the iTEP tests to people keen on concentrating in the U.S.
Consider joining the iTEP group and turning into a piece of a powerful organization whose prevalence is developing quickly. Turning into an iTEP Test Center like Britain International Academy in Kuwait includes practically no straightforward costs other than starting acquisition of tests.