Expert Program Level 1 is X1

Expert program for level 1: (For class XI)

Any fool can know. The point is to understand. — Albert Einstein

Programme Specification

The core aim is to advance the young minds and to groom their personalities by adding the flair of positive attitude to face all the worldly challenges and competition with pure positivism and optimism.

Advancement towards achieving the core aim of your life starts from this decisive point. If you aim to be a part of one of the best of the universities then you should not waste time. Up to this level, the comprehensive clarification of fundamental concepts and an introduction to advanced concepts has been done. This is the level that focuses and stresses in improving the problem solving skills which, in future, guide in achieving success in all entrance test.

Serial No Content Class Per Week Location
1 Mathematics 3 View Map
2 Physics 3 View Map
3 Chemistry 3 View Map
4 Biology 3 View Map

Course Highlights

Process and Testing System

Study Material :
An entire range of comprehensive printed study material is provided to ensure maximum learning and retention among students. The study material contains complete subject theory, solved examples and assignments of different levels..

A brief overview and highlights of every chapter is provided to enhance learning and comprehension of the students.

The provision of critical questions is ensured to improve the problem solving skills of students..

Testing and Assessment:

The periodic testing is considered to enhance a students performance as well as it assists a tutor in covering the weak topics to ensure the ultimate understanding of the overall subject. The continuous improvements in conducting assessments boost the students confidence and interest in the subject leading to further motivation.

Quizes and Parents Teachers Meeting

Classes and Other Activities
Taking Lectures
Problem Solving
Testing and Assessment
Doubt Sessions
Career Councelling
Parents Teachers Meeting