Crisis Management

Course Title Course Language Est.Duration-days Est.Duration-Hours
Crises Management English 4 20

Learning Objective

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Crisis Management and its preferred framework for the private and public sectors
  • Understand the escalation of the incident to crisis to disaster
  • Understand Civil Defense responsibilities
  • Apply effective crisis management tools and techniques for when an organization is under
  • Develop an effective stakeholder management plan for use in a crisis
  • Identify measures that would improve their organizations’ crisis management capabilities

Course Contents

Crisis Management Overview

  • Define Crisis Management
  • Crisis Management framework
  • Command center operational dynamics
  • Invocation pressures & processes
  • Legislation
  • Civil Defense
  • Strategies, structures and command

Crisis Management Team

  • Leadership
  • Information flows
  • The timeline technique
  • Crisis Management team essentials
  • Logging of information
  • The 3IA operations board

Crisis Management and Communication

  • Brand image and reputation
  • Internal communications
  • External communications
  • Stakeholders
  • Operational partners
  • Social media communications
  • Other miscellaneous issues


Attendees will get training certificate after the completion of the course