Customer Service

Course Title Course Language Est.Duration-days Est.Duration-Hours
Customer Service English 2 14

Learning Objective

  • Understand internal and external stakeholder’s communication protocols and implement a consistent process to resolve complaints received.
  • Gain a clear picture of the internal service relationships in their position.
  • Learn to analyze the expectations of internal and external stakeholders and be able to use the protocols to maintain effective and timely response of stakeholders.
  • Draft proposals on improvements, suggestions and quick recovery, movements of
    arrangements for external customers.

Course Contents

Creating Service Excellence

  • Discover why customers become unhappy and how to view your company from the
    customer’s perspective.
  • Capitalize on positive customer experiences.
  • Identify differences between orders, advances, and the continuation of sales.

The Service Triangle

  • Increase sales and profits by using the service triangle.
  • Expand productive efforts and teamwork by taking care of internal customers.
  • Learn the difference between a “peddler” and a professional salesperson

The Importance of Getting and Retaining Customers

  • Learn how to retain customers for life.
  • Boost bottom line profits with CDCE.
  • Become a valued part of your customer’s team.

Mapping the Customer’s Sales “Moments of Truth”

  • Learn how to map the internal “moments of truth.”
  • Increase sales and profits by understanding sales “moments of truth” and internal “moments of truth.”
  • Meet and exceed customer requirements.

Preventing Objections vs. Overcoming Objections

  • Discover how to effectively prevent most customer objections.
  • Learn to reveal and demonstrate empathy.
  • The probable effects of overcoming objections vs. preventing objections.

Obtaining Commitment vs. the “Hammer in Search of a Nail” Approach to Internal
Problem Solving

  • Learn how to use Features, Advantages, and Benefits to influence positive action.
  • Realize how to obtain commitment and set go-forward objectives.

Developing a Personal Service Strategy

  • Incorporate your own customer’s “moments of truth” with your organization’s internal“moments of truth” using your delivery system to create a distinctive customer experience.

Validating Customer Impact

  • Interviews and surveys
  • Experiencing the Customer Experience
  • Process performance alignment with Customer Experience
  • Responding to gaps in expectations


Attendees will get training certificate after the completion of the course