Decision Making

Course Title Course Language Est.Duration-days Est.Duration-Hours
Decision Making Bilingual 2 14

Learning Objective

In this decision-making training programme, you will learn how to set the context around which decision must be taken, how to evaluate all factors involved to develop possibilities, how to assess each possibility against set criteria, to identify the best option and then how to develop that into a successful decision.

Course Contents

Understand the Problem

  • Context (the wider strategy, and the ‘what’, the ‘why’ and the ‘when’?)
  • Constraints (time & resources).
  • Tasks (specified & implied) – What has changed?

Evaluate Factors (cost, trends, demographics, market, population, experience, time, culture, and

  • What are your competitors doing & why?
  • What have you been told to do & why?
  • What effects are you trying to achieve and why?
  • Where and how can you best achieve them?
  • What resources are available to you?
  • Where do the actions take place in relation to each other?
  • What measures of control do you need to achieve?

Develop & Evaluate Courses of Action

  • Pros & Cons (scoring/rating system).
  • Associated risks.
  • Time, security (market), resources & other factors.

Develop Chosen Course of Action

  • Associated Strengths/Risks.
  •  Implementation Plan.

Give Direction

  • Communication plan.
  • Involvement (the ‘who’?), intent (the ‘what’?), purpose (the ‘why’?), pivotal event/moment.
  • Re-evaluation & assessment of decision.
  • Follow-up.


Attendees will get a training certificate after the completion of the course.