Performance Appraisal and Management

Course Title Course Language Est.Duration-days Est.Duration-Hours
Performance Appraisal and Management 0 2 14

Learning Objective

State the core principles and benefits of effective performance appraisals

  • Set and write SMART performance objectives
  • Review the Appraiser’s performance and clearly summarize the agreed level of performance
  • Give constructive and motivational feedback
  • Hold structured conversational performance appraisal meetings

Course Contents

Principles of Effective Appraisals

  • Performance Management, the tools and their benefits
  • Principles of effective performance appraisal discussions
  • Organizations performance appraisal process

The Appraisal Meeting

  • Structuring and introducing the appraisal meeting
  • Identifying the key skills needed
  • Evidencing performance

Practicing the Key Skills in Conducting an Appraisal

  • Questioning, listening and giving feedback
  • Presentation, paired and small group exercises, and facilitated group discussion
  • Reviewing internal performance appraisal documentation
  • Providing follow up to the appraisal and frequency

Performance Appraisal Documentation

  • Preparing for the performance appraisal meeting
  • Review of documentation, group discussion and preparation checklist


Attendees will get a training certificate after the completion of the course.