Strategic Management

Course Title Course Language Est.Duration-days Est.Duration-Hours
Strategic Management Bilingual 2 14

Learning Objective

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Increase awareness of operating a company from a general management perspective
  • Recognize the interactions among various companies and external influences in a complex and interrelated environment
  • Interpret and forecast market situations and market results and translate them into goal-oriented decisions
  • Use fact-based analytical decision-making techniques by linking the decisions to cash flows and bottom line performance
  • Utilize teamwork and problem-solving methods in a dynamically evolving marketplace

Course Contents

The power of business management simulation

  • Simulation platform structure
  • Simulation organization
  • Flow of operations
  • Main objective and winning criteria
  • Decision making fundamentals
  • Familiarizing teams with the case study
  • Demand structure
  • Factors affecting market size
  • Products and market areas
  • Sales and marketing decisions
  • Distribution and delivery priorities
  • Production decisions
  • Production salaries
  • Financing decisions
  • Projections
  • Decision checklist
  • Types of generated report

Achieving the vision through strateg

  • Surpassing the competition with the strategy pyramid
  • Planning for victory through determining where to play and how to win
  • Applying Porter’s grand strategies
  • Guaranteeing results by turning strategy into action
  • Teamwork: The secret weapon of sustainable strategy execution
  • Taking the team from formation to full potential performance
  • Leading a team through clear skies and storms
  • Eliminating conflict to achieve a common team goal

Product quality

  • Investing in production and logistics
  • Maximizing quality to build a lasting customer impression
  • The PDCA cycle
  • Supply/demand management by embracing the customer’s perspective
  • Mastering price elasticity of demand
  • Elasticity and performance
  • Forces that shape price elasticity
  • Managing production and delivery levels for lean operations
  • Creating a profitable product portfolio
  • Identifying real profit pools
  • The 6 steps of product line profitability analysis
  • Options for under-performing product lines

Marketing and customer care

  • Creating endless promoters for your brand
  • The 4 Ps of marketing
  • An overview of the marketing mix
  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Reaching all your customers through targeted promotion
  • The role of promotion in marketing
  • Revealing company customer care secrets

Financial management and driving profitability

  • Financial management
  • The definition of accounting
  • The definition of finance
  • Making the right financial decisions to lead and grow
  • Analyzing the key financial statements
  • The 5 key financial ratios that make or break your business


Attendees will get a training certificate after the completion of the course.

Training Details

Training Fees : K.D 350 (Including Original Material)
Training Days : 20 days (2 days per week)
TrainingDate : Flexible
TrainingTiming : Flexible
TrainingLanguage : English
Material Language : English
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