MSC in Accounting & Finance

Overview of the MSc Accounting and Finance Top-up degree offered by University of Northampton

The masters in accounting and finance course, awarded by the University of Northampton, is aimed at fulfilling the continued personal and professional needs of accounting and finance practitioners. As expected from a top up masters degree in accounting and finance, it will extend and enhance your knowledge of how the accounting and finance function operates within an organisation. It will help you move to the next level in your career by honing the essential skills needed to reach higher levels of careers in accounting and finance in organisations functioning in many sectors.

This MSc Financial Management Courses In Kuwait can be followed online and through blended learning study modes for all working and ambitious professionals. With the finance industry constantly evolving to keep pace with the global landscape, this Accounting and Finance masters course refreshes your knowledge whilst training you to think strategically about accounting and finance matters.

The MSC Accounting & Finance In Kuwait is highly recommended for students with professional accounting and finance qualifications such as AIA, ACA, ACCA, CIMA or CPA. Since the course is a fast track programme, it enables you to gain your Accounting and Finance degree within a short time frame of 4 months.

Term Wise Modules

Term 1 Modules

Critical Issues in Accounting and Finance

This module of the MSC Accounting and Finance top up degree takes a very hands on approach for students to learn about the key challenges accounting and finance professionals face in the industry. As expected from an MSc top up degree, this module educates students on the nature of the industry and encourages you to critically analyse how accounting and finance professionals operate when faced with industry challenges.

Credits: 10
How to pass: You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 51%
Projects: A written essay project based on a context given to you

Learning Outcome

  1. Undertake an analysis of an organisation, and how it manages the potential effect of any current issues within the accounting and finance profession
  2. To demonstrate an understanding and to be able to evaluate the importance of wider issues within a business, from an accounting and finance perspective
  3. Demonstrate an ability to manage a high level learning programme.
  4. Communicate complex issues in an appropriate manner and to work effectively.

Accounting and Finance Research Project

This module from our MSc in Accounting and Finance course trains you to face corporate circumstances, where you are assigned the task of conducting a formal research to analyse financial trends in a specific industry, to appraise the pros and cons of an investment etc. This module of the MSc top-up degree provides you with knowledge on various research techniques and trains you on how to conduct data analysis, improve your corporate report writing skill and build on your critical evaluation skill.

Credits: 50
How to pass: You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 51%
Projects: Accounting and Finance based dissertation

Learning Outcome

  1. Identify and deploy various research methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative, in order to conduct research into a range of management problems
  2. Critically examine the importance of the varying philosophical positions that accounting and finance research
  3. Demonstrate the ability to work independently and manage the research process from question formulation through to analysis and interpretation of results

Projects you will be part of

Accounting & Finance Research Report

Accounting & Finance Research Report

As part of the masters in accounting and finance top-up degree, students are required to submit a 12,000 word dissertation in order to pass this module. This research conducted by the student needs to be based upon an actual industry specific or corporate focused topic. The aim of this assessment to train the student to understand the effectiveness of theory or practice
Critical Issues In Accounting & Finance

Critical Issues In Accounting & Finance

This is the first assessment you will face in your Masters degree in Accounting and Finance top up program. It will challenge you to think about how you can implement the theoretical knowledge you have gained and apply in a practical context to help accounting and finance professional overcome common industry challenges.

Course Leader

David Holliman

The academic director of LSM, Dr. David Holliman has over two decades of experience in the education industry and works to ensure that quality standards are maintained in the creation, validation and delivery of the various qualifications provided by LS Education Group. He possesses a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Culture, an MSc in research methods and an MA in Business Analysis.