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The Human Resources Management diploma program at Britain International Academy has been created to furnish you with the principal information, aptitudes and qualities to turn into an effective HR proficient. In the contemporary business era, compelling human resource management is the main impetus behind progress. As a certified HR proficient, you will have the chance to add to the plan of human resource management frameworks that empower associations to accomplish vital business objectives and improve by and large hierarchical execution. This Human resource management diploma covers propelled HR standards and will prepare you to take on jobs which include:

  • employee benefits
  • fragmentation and termination
  • hands on training and workplace learning
  • management of performance
  • managing human resource field
  • selection, recruitment and induction of workplace
  • transform management
  • workforce planning

This diploma course targets on giving proficient advancement in career and profession transformation. It will give best mix of local problems and internationally recognized solutions. The courses incorporate a blend of discussions, contextual investigations, group discussions, role playing and individual presentations. Our program teachers bring an abundance of information and significant work understanding to the subjects under study.

This diploma will help:

  • To procure theoretical and practical knowledge on current practices in Human Resource Management
  • To recognize the significance of HR in encouraging an association to meet its corporate
  • To improve application based learning for HR Practitioner

Why to opt for Human Resources Management diploma program?

  • As a human resource management proficient, you’ll realize how to contract the ideal individuals for the organization from the beginning.
  • Aids in stabilizing and keeping up the ethical atmosphere in the association, shaping a feeling of pride in its association and work.
  • Even the individuals who begin at a basic level position of human resource management wind up climbing a lot higher in a nearly brief timeframe.
  • During diploma in human resource management, you’ll figure out how to develop surveys arrange focus groups and techniques of interviews to assist you with deciding if workers are content or not.
  • Human resource groups create performance management frameworks.
  • While doing the human resource management course, you’ll be instructed how to deal with conflicts in the working environment and how to solve it.
  • You’ll figure out how to build up a key way to deal with training and building up the people of you organization.


  • 6 Month

Course delivery

  • In Class

Entry requirement

  • The Qualification has been designed to be accessible without artificial barriers that restrict access and progression.
  • Level 6 Qualification or;
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 5 Year Managerial Experience

Modules structure

The Level 7 Diploma focuses upon developing understanding, skills and abilities to equip the Learner with the awareness and aptitudes to be an effective human resource manager and leader.

Learners must complete the 6 mandatory units.

Unit Reference Mandatory Units Level TQT TQT
HRM701 Contemporary HRM 7 200 20
HRM702 Leading, Managing and HR Development 7 200 20
HRM703 Resourcing, Talent Management, and Development 7 300 30
HRM704 Performance Management 7 200 20
HRM705 Performance Management 7 100 10
HRM706 Investigating a Business Issue from an HR Perspective 7 200 20


Learners completing the QUALIFY Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management will allow progress to:

  • the QUALIFI Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, or
  • a university partner to complete a dissertation to then receive a full master’s degree, or
  • Directly into employment in an associated profession.


  • Assessment is via assignment submission
  • No Exams


The programme is accredited by QUALIFI

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