Communication Skills

Course Title Course Language Est.Duration-days Est.Duration-Hours
Communication Skills Bilingual 2 14

Learning Objective

After this course, participants will be able to apply the skills necessary to communicate in an effective manner, demonstrate their ability to communicate across cultures, employ techniques for listening actively and empathically, manage interpersonal conflict and handle feedback and criticism constructively.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to communication
  • Communication levels and definitions
  • Communication functions
  • The 4 principles of Interpersonal Communication
  • Elements of the communication process
  • Communication delivery aspects
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Building rapport
  • Where can miscommunication occur?
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Overcoming communication barriers
  • The communication funnel
  •  Improving cross-cultural communication:
  •  Guidelines
  • ‘Disc’ personal development profile
  •  Stages of team development
  •  The arts of persuasion
  • Areas of growing your sphere of influence
  •  Communicating within multi-cultural teams
  • Stages of team growth
  • Universal laws of persuasion
  • Hearing versus listening
  • Active versus passive listening
  • Tips to improve active listening skills
  • 3 aspects of active listening
  • Active listening skills inventory
  • Using different questioning techniques
  • Closed and open questions
  • Probing types questions
  • Pitfalls of leading questions
  • Assertive, passive and aggressive behaviors
  • Verbal and non-verbal components of Communication Behaviors
  • Conflict management
  • Types of conflicts
  • Sources of conflicts
  • Conflict management styles
  • Essential conflict management skills
  • Learning to say ‘no’
  • Guidelines for applying ‘no’
  • The value of feedback
  • Positive versus negative feedback
  • Giving constructive criticism
  • Receiving criticism


Attendees will get a training certificate after the completion of the course.

Training Details

Training Fees : K.D 350 (Including Original Material)
Training Days : 20 days (2 days per week)
TrainingDate : March 2019-
TrainingTiming : 6:00 PM– 9:00 PM
TrainingLanguage : English
Material Language : English
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