NCC Education a Thriving Global Education Trend at BIA

Education is at the frontline of global development and recognition, with globalization making it effortless than ever for the families to move abroad for work or study opportunities.

Echoing the demand for global recognized degrees, there is also a surge in demand for aspiring institutions that have the necessary training, cross-cultural skillset and global outlook to work in an international setting. Britain International Academy Kuwait (BIA) is an institute which is aiming to fulfill this gap in Kuwait particularly.

Currently, NCC Educations claims to have an extensive network of Accredited Partners in more than 50 countries including Britain International Academy Kuwait (BIA). Britain International Academy in particular, is an approved and recognized center in Kuwait by NCC Education.

NCC Education is a global provider and awarding body of Britain education. The ultimate goal of NCC Education is to provide learners with the opportunity to get globally recognized British qualification by selecting and studying at one of its Accredited Partner Centers all over the world.

NCC Education is accredited by Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and regulated by Ofqual and also recognized and approved by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (DBIS) in the UK.

A number of UK universities are in collaboration with NCC Education for entry onto years one, two and three of particular degree programs. NCC Education is also in partnership with University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and University of Greenwich.

BRITAIN INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY Kuwait is offering a wide range of Diploma programs from foundation to postgraduate level in partnership with NCC Education in Kuwait. Britain International Academy is offering academic programs in Computing, Business, Business IT and Cybersecurity for the students who are looking for a bright & globally recognized future after 10th or 12th standards. After 10th grade students can start their graduation journey with Level 3 International Foundation diploma for higher education studies which is an equivalent to A’ Levels. Having 12th grade, students can get direct admission to Level 4 Diploma programs i.e. University first year in UK education system. Qualifications offered by Britain International Academy are as follows:

All qualifications are globally recognized and have progression routes to graduation to many universities in the world including UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

After level 5 diploma, on the platform of Britain International Academy Kuwait in collaboration with NCC Education, students can get admission in the final year of;

 BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Networking

The BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Networking top-up degree is delivered by NCC Education and is a natural progression from our Level 5 Diploma in Computing with Cyber Security. This final year is awarded by the University of Central Lancashire (abbreviated UCLan).

BSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems Top-up Degree

The BSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems Top-up Degree is delivered by NCC Education, validated and awarded by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

BSc (Hons) Computing Top-up Degree

The BSc (Hons) Computing (with specialisations available in Network Systems and Information Systems) Top-up Degree is delivered by NCC Education Accredited Partner Centres, validated and awarded by the University of Greenwich.

Level 7 Diploma in Business Management

Graduates can continue with the Fast track studies and advanced career with a postgraduate level qualification. Post Graduate Qualification is recognised by higher education institutes and employers around the world.

The NCC Education Level 7 Diploma in Business Management (L7DBM) is an Ofqual regulated qualification that will help you understand and apply up to date management theory and practice in the fields of marketing, information strategy, project management, finance, leadership and entrepreneurship.

The L7DBM is recognized as suitable for entry to various MBA and MSc top up programs.

BRITAIN INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY Kuwait is aiming at providing opportunities to international students, specifically Indians and Pakistanis, to get globally recognized British qualification while staying and studying in Kuwait. The students can advance their career swiftly by taking our certificate programs, ie., BIA’s blended, online and distance learning ways.

BRITAIN INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY Kuwait is also providing a simple solution for those Pakistani and Indian students in Kuwait who have been restricted from global British qualification due to many reasons.

BRITAIN INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY Kuwait is aiming at fulfilling the demand for a ‘Western-style’ education within Kuwait; now international students, particularly Indians and Pakistanis, have the opportunity to take advantage of BIA’s unique international location to equip themselves with the wealth of knowledge, skill and advanced learning.

International education opportunities provided by Britain International academy Kuwait have become quite popular for growing awareness among masses and is appreciated cross culturally and cross borders.