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BIA has an extensive network of accredited partners around the world and is committed to demonstrate a high-quality international education as a mark of quality assurance.

Skilled Lecturers

Our lecturers are innovative and subject specialists who have expertise in designing, developing and delivering material using a range of methods and platforms.

Scholarship Facility

BIA offers scholarship as a tuition fee discount or a waiver in an academic year and is subject to satisfactory progress for consecutive years of study.

Welcome to BIA Campus

Britain International Academy was established on 26 January 2014. Since its inception BIA has been run and managed by educationists and like minded individuals. Industry patrons, subject experts form the core management and academic team at BIA. By keeping pace with the contemporary benchmarks of learning, training and skill development, BIA aims to incorporate the advance employment of converged technologies to maximize the development of its students.

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I would like to express my sincere assurance to provide a facility of high standard services with secured right path to ambitious learners and guardians. Additionally, I want
to articulate especially, that you are in safe hands and will certainly lead a great future ahead. Moreover, showing them the right path of their future career is our hidden interest that we have always desired. Undoubtedly, our activities fall under business but with strong ethics and competitive strengths, what we are doing for your future
will ultimately make you love our services. Our principle intention is to produce capable learners equipped with a sound basis of counseling for their experiences in a broad and future career prospects. We inspire each student to be a responsible member of society who will bring back some portion of the rewards to home that they have reaped from their endeavors in developed societies.


Abdulaziz Ali Fahad Al Duwailah

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