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ACCA is the world’s fastest-growing gateway to the accountancy profession, helping people to become successful accountancy professionals. ACCA’s global reputation is so strong that they now have over 208,000 members and 503,000 students in 179 countries.

Their mission is to give professionals greater career opportunities through qualifications that are recognized and recommended around the world. And with the ACCA Careers Job Board, you’ll have access to a wealth of advice and thousands of vacancies waiting to be filled.

Why should you choose ACCA?


Every organization in the world shares a common factor. Their success is entirely dependent on a sound approach to financial management. That makes accountancy as essential to the health of organizations as medicine is to human health.


It also makes accountancy one of the most diverse professions, with opportunities across all sectors and industries, and in all parts of the world.


Accountancy offers exceptional job prospects. You can progress quickly to a position of responsibility, and even work your way up to board level. It’s also an excellent foundation on which to launch your own business, or springboard into another profession such as corporate finance.


Accountancy isn’t just about numbers. It can employ a wide range of other skills such as communications, teamwork, strategy, leadership and problem-solving. Choose a global organization and you could also benefit from some incredible travel opportunities.


As one of the most flexible professions, accountancy can help you achieve the perfect work-life balance. Part-time roles and career breaks are possible, and the global demand for accountancy professionals also creates many self-employment opportunities.


Accountancy can be extremely rewarding. Senior roles often attract high value salaries and benefits packages, with unlimited scope for progression.


You also benefit from being part of a prestigious profession that is respected and trusted by organizations and communities.

Preparing for ACCA with Britain International Academy

BIA is a certified ACCA exam center and we will start taking admission for the training of students for the ACCA qualification. ACCA is awarded by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountant and it is based out of London, UK.  

In order to be certified the candidate is expected to clear 13 Papers in total (9 Fundamental and 4 Professional) 

Fundamentals (9 Papers)   
Paper Code Subject Exam Type and Session 
F1 Accountant in Business (AB) Computer Based Exam (Monthly) 
F2 Management Accounting (MA) Computer Based Exam (Monthly) 
F3 Financial Accounting (FA) Computer Based Exam (Monthly) 
F4 Corporate and Business Law (CL) Computer Based Exam (Monthly) 
F5 Performance Management (PM) March, June, September and December (Quarterly) 
F6 Taxation (TX) March, June, September and December (Quarterly) 
F7 Financial Reporting (FR) March, June, September and December (Quarterly) 
F8 Audit and Assurance (AA) March, June, September and December (Quarterly) 
F9 Financial Management (FM) March, June, September and December (Quarterly) 
Professional Level (4 Papers; 2 papers compulsory and 2 Optional )
Compulsory Papers   
SBL Strategic Business Leader March, June, September and December (Quarterly) 
SBR Strategic Business Reporting March, June, September and December (Quarterly) 
Optional Papers (Choose Any 2)    
P4 Advanced Financial Management (AFM) March, June, September and December (Quarterly) 
P5 Advanced Performance Management (APM) March, June, September and December (Quarterly) 
P6 Advanced Taxation March, June, September and December (Quarterly) 
P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) March, June, September and December (Quarterly) 

Duration of the whole course is 2.5 years. 

BIA will train and register the student for the examination. 

The training time would be 35-45 hours per paper inclusive of training, in house test and revision. 

The student should prepare for minimum 2 papers together to finish everything in the stipulated time frame. 

Entry requirements and routes

Route 1: For Graduates (Accounts Background). Apply to ACCA directly and finish course in 2.5 years. 

Route 2: For Intermediate (12th Standard – Commerce) students. Apply to ACCA directly and finish the course in 2.5 years. Should the student be not confident or has gap in education recommend FIA (Foundation in Accountancy). FIA is recommended but not compulsory. 

Route 3: For students without matriculation. FIA is necessary to bring them up to speed and then enroll for ACCA program.

FIA stands for Foundation in Accountancy which introduces the student to the fundamentals of accounting subject it is generally for a total of 1.5 years and consists of 10 papers

Sr.CodeSubjectNo. HoursExam Session
1FA1Recording Financial Transactions30 hoursCBE (Anytime)
2MA1Management Information30 hoursCBE (Anytime)
3FA2Maintaining Financial records30 hoursCBE (Anytime)
4MA2Managing Costs and Finances30 hoursCBE (Anytime)
5FABAccountant in Business30 hoursCBE (Anytime)
6FMAManagement Accounting30 hoursCBE (Anytime)
7FFAFinancial Accounting30 hoursCBE (Anytime)
8FAUFoundations in Audit30 hoursCBE (Anytime)
9FTXFoundations in Taxation30 hoursCBE (Anytime)
10FFMFinancial Management30 hoursCBE (Anytime)

The advantage of doing FIA is that it introduces the student to the fundamentals which will ease the transition and learning for ACCA. Completing FIA also gets you exemption from 4 papers of ACCA fundamentals (i.e. F1, F2, F3, and F4)  

Clearing F1-F9 of ACCA can lead to a certificate which is equivalent to B.Sc. in Accounting from Oxford Brooke’s University UK and completing the ACCA qualification gets you a certificate equivalent to M.Sc. in Accounting from Oxford Brooke’s University. 

NOTE: These are equivalency certificate not proper Degrees. 

The fees structure and course duration is mentioned in the tables above. The one time registration fees, annual subscription fees for each candidate and the examination fees for each paper will be different and charged separately in GBP. The fees keeps on changing and it will be updated to the student when he/she enrolls. The student has to bear all the above cost. We (Britain International Academy) will register the student for everything and process the candidature. 

Some Exemptions

Students who have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business Management, Marketing. (First 4 paper of ACCA will be exempted. 

CMA Qualified candidates will get exemption of 7 papers (Decided by ACCA after receiving documentation) 

CPA qualified candidates will get exemption of 9 papers (Decided by ACCA after receiving documentation) 

FIA qualified candidates will get exemption of first 4 papers at ACCA.

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